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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The following are policies to which you agree to abide by when you book a service with A Little Time For You Spa, LLC.

Basic Policies:

  • Please observe good personal hygiene practices and arrive to your appointment as fresh as possible.

  • Abstain from using drugs or alcohol prior to your session as these are contraindicated for massage (massage should NOT be performed).

  • Please turn off all cellphones and personal electronic devices.

  • Clients are responsible for all personal belongings; A Little Time For You assumes no liability for missing items.

  • Please fill out the intake form thoroughly upon arriving as some medical conditions may be exacerbated by massage therapy. If your massage therapist is unaware of a preexisting condition that may be contraindicated for massage, they cannot adjust their session to reduce the risk to your health. Please note, we observe strict confidentiality of all client health information.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer for violating any of the above or for any other reason deemed appropriate by management.

A Little Time For You General Policies:
  • The massage services offered at the A Little Time For You are strictly for therapeutic purposes. Any overtly sexual behavior, advances, or comments will result in an immediate termination of the session, a full charge for the session regardless of completion, blacklisting from attending future A Little Time For You sessions and legal action as/if appropriate.

  • Massage is not a replacement for professional medical care! Massage therapy is intended to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and help to alleviate localized muscular tension. Massage therapists are not able to diagnose, prescribe for or treat any medical conditions and are not capable of providing medical advice. All medical questions should be directed to your primary care provider.

  • Any client under 18 years old is required to have a parent/guardian present in the massage area for the duration of the massage.


Business Policies:
  • A Little Time For You observes a 24 hour cancellation/reschedule policy. If a cancellation or reschedule is made less than 24 hours and up to 1 hour prior to the start of the session a $30.00 fee will be assessed. Any cancellations or reschedules made less than 1 hour prior to the start time of the session will be charged the total session rate.

  • Your session may be cancelled if you are 15 minutes or more late and have not called to alert A Little Time For You and will be considered a "No-show".

  • "No-shows" for appointments will be charged the total fee for their scheduled session.

  • A valid credit card may be requested to reserve an appointment.

  • In the event that your massage therapist is unavailable, we will try our best to accommodate your session at another time at a discounted rate to be determined by Milvette Betancourt.

Massage sessions will begin and end promptly at the scheduled times. If you are late, you are still responsible for the entire fee for your session.

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